Pistachios – Salted


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Pistachios – Salted

The snack then everyone is eating. It tastes nutty but with this special flavor almost like liqorice, something is fruity. When they are roasted and salted, no need for anything more. This is the perfect snack, it’s gratifying and crunchy and the thin layer of skin is good to eat too. These nuts are flavorful and taste good.

Their benefits are: mood booster due to its vitamins B and B6, high in antioxidants which means they neutralize free radicals, if a free radical becomes too high or imbalanced in your body you can get really sick or ill. Enhances heart health.

Pistachios are a good weight loss snack. If you buy pistachios in the shell it is harder to eat, and more difficult in the time it takes to crack each one open, and slows you down, according to a study, therefore you won’t eat as many.

*Highly recommended for Vegans and Vegetarians because it is harder for them to find B vitamins in their plant based diets.

All time favorites: pistachios crusted salmon, served on a cheese board, mostly eaten as a high quality snack. Raw or shelled pistachios are better for cooking and baking with other recipes.