Turkish Apricots – Organic


Available in 8 oz., 1 Lb., 5 Lbs., 10 Lbs., 25 Lbs. sizes.
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Turkish Apricots – Organic

Are you looking for a healthy snack, with no additives? (no sugar added, and no preservative)

This is one of the best. It’s a simple snack that has no advanced palatable flavors, it’s just sweet and a little fuzzy. Toddlers to adults can all enjoy it. Don’t get turned away by the burnt orange color either, it is just because it is dried at the most natural form.

Grown in the arid sun of Turkey, the apricots dry quite quickly during peak season. There are many farmers that are growing specifically for the dried fruit aside from the fresh harvest.

People use apricots in trail mixes, cereals, jam, baking, charcuterie boards, or indulge with crackers and cheese and a glass of chardonnay.

Our Turkish organic dried apricots have a subtle sweetness that is not too overpowering, but still enjoy the sweet fruit flavor. They are round and a hairy fruit, so when you bite into it you definitely get that texture we sometimes crave.

If you are used to eating peaches and plums, these can be a good alternative as they come from a similar family.

Apricots are nutritional, packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants so you are feeding your body what it needs by eating the recommended serving size of 1oz.

Dare to be different? Dip them in chocolate and have yourself a delicious sweet treat.

Exceptional. Gourmet. Housewarming snack.