Pine Nuts – Large


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Pine Nuts – Large

Pine Nuts also called pignoli, are a chefs favorite. If you like to cook and eat too, we are talking, or experts in the kitchen, you know you can’t go without these.

From Italian cuisine to Middle Eastern or American you can guess, the pine nut is a favorite.

Used in many recipes for baking and cooking from cookies, to spreads, or sauces, this flavorsome nut has an almost herby taste, that is quite distinct. It’s like you can taste the trees it’s been grown on, that fresh, that defined. Pine nuts are used in fish dishes and meat, salad and baked with vegetables or into breads.

The renowned pesto is made best, with pine nuts. The Italian pignoli cookie requires the pine nuts. Many meat dishes and fish, as well as salad can require these small little nuts that are about the size of a seed, and taste like the smell of the trees which they are grown on. Pine nuts grow in kernels on trees, and each cone usually has numerous seeds.

Pine nuts come in all different sizes and from various regions too.