Milk Chocolate Raisins


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Milk Chocolate Raisins

These remind us all of the movie theater or amusement parks. Why stop it there? These delicious little pieces of dried fruit are coated in a rich milk chocolate covering. A good semi sweet, semi nutritional snack for anyone, anytime.

Raisins are among the top antioxidant foods, so it will be a great source, while having a sweet treat. A lot of tail mix fans like to add some kind of chocolate into their delight and this would be perfect.

Let’s make sure we are incorporating our daily nutrients by choosing nature’s untouched produce. The raisins are dried naturally without any sugars or additives, and enrobed in chocolate.


Chocolate raisin cookies, replace chocolate raisins for chips, banana- chocolate raisin bread, snack by the handful, mix into trail mix, top on ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Contains Dairy.

Product of the USA