Medium Chilean Prunes – Pitted with Potassium Sorbate


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Medium Chilean Prunes – Pitted with Potassium Sorbate

An ancient culinarian past-time, known to promote good digestive health. A dried plum has more than soft, plump, chewy and sweet characteristics. Highly moist and easy to eat, this snack provides everything you need. Prunes are moderately high in carbs including dietary fiber and also a rich source of Vitamin K.

The pits are removed so hassle free to eat. Enjoy a serving as a regular snack, tastes like healthy fruit candy.

Uses: Muffins, paste (prune butter), jam, hot or cold cereal, mix in with other nuts and dried fruit as trail mix, or enjoy with dark chocolate chunks, yum! Pre-work out snack to boost energy for the highly fiber content.