Mango Slices – Thai Sweet


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Mango Slices – Thai Sweet

Our sweetened Mango slices are the perfect food you need to offset any display. It’s sweet and gummy like a fruit snack, but you can actually make fun with it. Its bright, bright orange color is completed with a preservative, sulfur dioxide, to make it that way. It is sweetened with sugar, just for a little extra sweetness. You can snack on these mangoes when you are looking for something light and sweet. You can also decorate with the sweetened dried mangoes, adding them onto, charcuterie boards, grazing tables, food displays, party favors, gift sets and so much more.

Thailand has a large crop of mangoes. We source from the farms that produce enough quality fruits to export. The standard growing season is late March-July. Mangoes in Thailand attract a large percentage of the tourist industry. There are so many different kinds.

Dried mango pairs well with anything spicy. The sweetness settles the spice and it’s a perfect duo.

Asian cuisines have adapted the mango largely into their culture. Create cultural dishes and desserts with sweetened dried mango.

Product of Thailand