Honey Roasted Peanuts


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Honey Roasted Peanuts

Did you ever feel the need for a sweet but salt munch that was purely nutty and even crunchy?

You’re at the dinner party with your friends, or maybe you’re on a road trip, not entirely sure but the honey roasted peanuts are the fix you need at any time. They are scrumptious and a popular flavor.

Our honey roasted peanuts are small in size, little bit size nuts, easy to chew, you can have a handful and feel full.

Our honey roasted recipe is well balanced. You could probably enjoy a handful and know that is enough because, there will always be more.

Honey roasted peanut-butter is an amazing trend. Blend in a food processor until the consistency of your liking and spread on toast, or a bagel, you will be impressed!

Gluten free, and made in the USA.