Ginger – Diced Thai Crystallized no SO2 with Sugar


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Ginger – Diced Thai Crystallized no SO2 with Sugar

Such an amazing flavor, ginger! You can do a lot with it, cook, bake, tea, body therapy, and treat nausea specifically. “”Crystallized ginger can be served with espresso and cake or champagne and fruit.”

It’s tastes has a spicy kick to it, and its chewy and sweet inside.

You can stir in the crystalized ginger dices to muffin and cookies, granola and so much more, time to get creative! Use it as the garnish for pastries or pies.

Are you getting in the holiday groove, spice up your ginger bread with our crystalized dices.

All for the health benefits? The item is an, anti-Inflammatory agent, a treatment for nausea. An immunity-Booster, helps with motion sickness and morning sickness, and good for helping muscle pain too.