Dried Pineapple Diced – Thai Sweet with SO2 & Sugar


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Dried Pineapple Diced – Thai Sweet with SO2 & Sugar

Pineapple dices are tiny bits of pineapple rings that are chewy and a burst of sweet tropical sunshine. The pineapple dices are typically used in baking or snacking. Cakes and dessert bars, this tropical dried fruit will add a sweet and tangy flavor. The inside is like a hard jelly texture, this is because sugar is added, and the outer is more pineapple flesh.

When you need to make a decision on which to bake with, go with the sweetened dices, you will get what you’re looking for.

This is a sweetened dried fruit and contains added sugar. This is also preserved with S02 to make it have a longer shelf life, and maintain its bright yellow color.

Great for decoration, display, and/or pastry garnish.

Product of Thailand.