Dried Bananas – Thai Whole


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Dried Bananas – Thai Whole

Is it random, you find this odd shaped, brown colored, fruit looking thing and do not know what it is. It’s a banana. You talk to us and we say you probably have never tried it before but believe it or not it’s not just any banana but a Thai Banana. No one ever knows what we are talking about because most people like 7 out of 10 haven’t been to Thailand, or in the banana plantation to know what we mean. The trees look like short palm trees with huge leaves, and grow under twenty feet. It’s much more elaborate than this, when you eat the fruit, you can nearly taste the tropics of its origin.

Do you need a dry snack that tastes like its fresh fruit flavor and has a really nice, not overly sweet, taste and good chew? Thai bananas are great, there is a good amount of carbs per serving. If you are going on a bike ride, or jogging outdoors, even going swimming or playing another sport, this is a good food to intake just before the workout. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy so it is crucial you have enough throughout the day.

Our Thai bananas grow on bunches of about 10-16. They are cute in size, much different from the standard supermarket banana, the Cavendish banana. Thai bananas are about 5-6 inches in size and shrink to about half of that at dehydration.

These sweet little fruits are similar to plantains but sweeter. You can dip them in chocolate, cut them up and put into oatmeal, or make granola with the Thai banana. You can also cut up and add on yogurt, top it on ice cream, and simply eat by the serving.

Its texture is leathery and dry but sticky on the inside. It smells like fresh banana, it looks like a little churro, and it feels rough and soft. Now you get the bigger picture.

These dehydrated Thai bananas are100% natural and have no additives. While healthy snacks are something we offer, we source our ingredients from certain farmers that meet our requirements and protocols.

Thai Bananas are just slightly sweet and good for a healthy snack, not overpowering in case you want to put them in a trail mix. We would say a good snack for the kids: send to school for lunch, on the bus, after school activities, sports. Or grown ups, take to work, in transit, display for a meeting snacks with other items too.

Good energy for anyone active.