Chia Seeds


Available in 8 oz., 1 Lb., 5 Lbs., 10 Lbs., 25 Lbs. sizes.
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Chia Seeds

Oh I wonder what the chia seed is really good for? I dive in and experiment, finding all these nutritional value added benefits, and these products to choose from, are there enough? The chia seed is a small tiny black seed.

Contain high amounts of minerals. High in manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium, iron, magnesium, and calcium. The seeds contain 138 calories per ounce and 11 grams of fiber per ounce.

You can sprinkle on a salad, or yogurt, add to nutrition bars, or make pudding. Chia pudding is a healthy snack to keep in the fridge. Once the chia seeds are soaked they turn into a gel-like mass. It a desired taste, and good texture, highly recommend!

Chia seeds, mostly containing insoluble fibers which reduce risk of diabetes, and the soluble fibers present promote formations of short-chain fatty acids. Other benefits include but are not limited to: amazing omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation in the body.

These seeds offer all 9 essential amino acids and are a high-quality plant-based protein.