Brazil Nuts – Whole


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Brazil Nuts – Whole

These are like vitamins.

When I’m serious about being healthy, it’s no joke I mention the Brazil Nut for its enhancing effects. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2 Brazil Nuts per day is sufficient for the benefits we are talking about.

Want a healthy snack, have a handful and enjoy. That is quite good too, but if you are serious about taking your life to another level, eating right, getting enough nutrients, living longer, the whole 9 yards, take this advice. Consumption should be in moderation.

The Brazil Nuts have a pungent nutty and earthy flavor and have a good hard crunch. They are used in baking and cooking, maybe a rice dish or a fruit cake, something like that, but mostly a go to healthy nibble.

An anti-inflammatory agent, boosts the immune system, maximizes thyroid function, protection from infection and viruses, and balances hormones.

They are loaded with many benefits for overall skin, hair, health and body function.