Almonds – Roasted Salted


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Almonds – Roasted Salted

Almonds are a very healthy nut. They are roasted with salt to satisfy the person who’s eating it and make it for more of a gourmet snack.

The story of roasted almonds is simple, enjoy a handful and you well have just covered large percentages of your daily nutritional intake. Excellent snack for active people because it will provide you with nutrients that you will need to finish your activity. (hikers, bikers, athletes, weight lifters, swimmers.) Almonds are rich in bone-strengthening and muscle-building minerals so you definitely want that.

When they are raw, you make milk or you maybe chop them up into salads. They are much more tasty when the almonds are roasted and salted. Roasted salted almonds have a drier, crisper texture than raw almonds. People find that more flavors come to the surface once they are roasted, ,and very much so enjoy those flavors. Roasting intensifies the almonds flavors so if a recipe calls for almonds you might even consider our roasted unsalted almonds.

Almonds are cholesterol-free so feel no guilt eating these rather feel the natural power available from the vitamins and minerals available in these small olive-shaped nuts.

They are delicious and nutritious.