Almonds – Raw Whole


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Almonds – Raw Whole

When we get into raw almonds we are really talking about health and wellness. The lifestyle choices don’t stop after the work out or playing the game and finally making that goal. It’s beyond that point. It may be as simple as carrying a snack pack sized bag of almonds with you on your way to work, or keeping them at your desk to snack on throughout the day. Almonds are the cream of the crop when it comes to nuts.

They are versatile in such ways, you can use them for cooking and baking, make homemade ready to serve almond milk, puddings and so much more. They are generally sweet in flavor where other nuts may be more bitter or buttery. You can eat about 20 almonds a day for optimal health benefits.

Almonds contain vitamins and minerals that are very healthy for you. These nutrients can help improve vascular function. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a recent study showed almonds can boost heart health. Almonds contain a muscle building protein so it is important to incorporate these nuts into your diet.

A healthy way of life is all about balance and routine.

Getting in the groove of eating right can start at almonds. You won’t be disappointed and you will feel fulfilled.

Make your own flavored almonds with herbs and spices of your choice, simply by roasting with raw almonds in oil in the oven. Some great options, sumac and sage, thyme and pepper, and hot pepper and salt.

Product of the USA, sourced from California.